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Spray Tan Pre Treatment Advice:

Please Follow the Following Prior To Your Spray Tan, the Advice Will Help the Process of Your Spray Tan Treatment:

1)      Exfoliate the night before or the morning of your tan, this will help to remove unwanted dead skin cells and help the tan to take better. Please use a non-oily exfoliation.

2)      Avoid Using oil shower based creams or gels as this will act as a barrier and prevent the process of the tan

3)      DO NOT moisturise the day of your tan.

4)      Please remove all make up and products from the skin including perfume and deodorant.

5)      Please do not apply deodorant or perfume on the day of your tan as this will turn the area green when sprayed.

6)      DO NOT shave or wax 24 hours before your tan as this will make the skin angry and could result in an infection in the follicles,

7)      Please wear loose dark fitting clothes.

All Clients are required to fill and sign a consultation form truthfully before having a spray tan.

Any Clinet Who has a serious medical condition may need written consent from their Doctor. Please MENTION any medical conditions when booking.


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